Polls Say Trump Has Worst Approval Of Any New POTUS…But We Learned Something Else!

Tales of twisted truth never cease when it comes to mainstream media and the pollsters they promote.

The media uses polls to influence the public narrative and justify bias against any opposition thought or actions. Any time mainstream media needs to undermine someone, they just fire up a poll and let the numbers provide their facts.

Mainstream media heralded polls favoring their liberal candidate as the final say during the presidential campaign. That worked out so well that almost every poll used by mainstream media was absolutely wrong.

With that kind of track record, mainstream media fired up the polls for the next round of fake news. They want everyone to believe President-elect Donald Trump isn’t connecting with people around the country. The Daily Caller took a close look at the pollsters’ numbers:

Two polls released Tuesday – one from ABC and a second from CNN – tout Trump as being the most unfavorable incoming president in modern history. Yet, on second look, the data is clearly boosted by the pollers’ decision to oversample Democrats.

According to Gallup, 28 percent of Americans identify themselves as a Republican, while 25 percent identify as a Democrat.

The problem with the ABC and CNN polls, according to The Daily Caller, is both polls sampled more Democrats than Republicans. That simple flip skewed the polling results downward across the partisanship breakdown compared to the national average.

Both polls sampled about 1,000 people across the nation.

ABC’s poll found 40 percent of participants viewed Trump favorably, while 54 percent viewed him unfavorably.

CNN found that 44 percent view Trump favorably, 53 percent view him unfavorably and three percent have no opinion of the president-elect.

CNN claims Trump will be the president with the lowest favorability rating in history heading into his presidency.

The polls don’t show what the numbers would be if the sample group would have contained the same percentage of Republicans and Democrats as the population. Trump’s numbers likely would be higher, possibly even flipped in the percentage points.

Trump proved the polls wrong when the election day voter tallies tossed the stats out the window and he was elected president. Trump uses polls to his advantage, and he’s not afraid to challenge hypothetical results, especially those concocted by liberal media.

One year into Trump’s presidency may prove this set of polls just as wrong as all the others.

Source: The Daily Caller

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