Police Officer KICKED Out Of College Class…The Reason Why Is STUNNING!

The calls for creating safe places on college campuses across the nation has created an uproar. University officials are quick to comment on any potential case of someone feeling uncomfortable or afraid.

They take action, creating safe spaces and offering therapy for those who may be afflicted with being offended.

A Louisiana police sergeant was asked to leave a classroom at Loyola University where he is enrolled as a student.

His offense: he arrived in uniform.

“Jefferson Parish Police Sgt. Josh Collins told Elizabeth MacDonald that he was running late to class and had no time to change because he had recently come off his shift before his class at Loyola University,” Fox News reported.

Apparently in this Law & Morality course, it is wrong for a police officer to wear his uniform. His professor pulled him aside during a break and “complained of his presence in uniform and asked him to hide his sidearm.” Campus police were even called to the scene.

“I was trying just to be a student, be in class. And the fact that I was in uniform and armed one, made fellow classmates nervous or uncomfortable and two, the fact that it merited the response that it did from the professor,” Collins said.

“I have to put up with a lot of prejudicial and biased comments,” Collins wrote on his Facebook page, “but today made me sad for the youth and for the college I have attended for 8 years.”

Collins reportedly spoke with the president of the university about his side of the story and the possibility of implementing reform. He praised university police for taking the call seriously but also recognizing that as an officer in uniform, Collins was not a threat.

Despite the fact that Loyola appears to be doing everything possible to make students feel safe, police officers who are also students are not apparently part of that protected class. How sad it is that in a class on law and morality, a peer who risks his life daily to ensure that the law is upheld is the one deemed offensive.

Watch his story here:


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