One Of Obama’s Cronies Just Stabbed Him Squarely In The Back…Barack Is FURIOUS!

After eight years in Washington, DC, building a nonsensical legacy from politically motivated matchsticks, President Obama may want to rethink moving just down the street.

Those who religiously supported him throughout his presidency are now turning on him. His legacy is more like kindling than a monument, and it’s set to go up in flames.

Obama promised unity among everyone from Republicans to Democrats, blacks to whites, rich to poor and all those to foreigners of all kinds cycling into American society. Obama failed miserably at every turn.

His failures are finally being recognized, and called out, by a few liberals willing to brush away the fog of Obama’s liberal religiosity and talk about reality. While the president waxed poetically on his farewell tour of deceit, some who propped him up for years are tearing him down.

Former “Green Jobs Czar” and Obama advisor Van Jones ripped into Obama’s lame-duck “Speeches and Tears” tour. Jones is no stranger himself to the ire of conservatives as he was outed in 2009 as a “radical” and “revolutionary” and “9’11 Truther,” according to Independent Journal Review.

Even though Jones is a true believer in President Obama’s mission of uniting the country – as he paraphrased one of the president’s best-known speeches, “no black America, no white America, no red states, no blue states,” – he now says he’s disappointed in the state of race relations in America.

Obama’s failure in bringing together the country is obvious to any sensible person.

“All the speeches and all the tears did not bring us together,” Jones said. “We now enter 2017 as the divided states of America. Divided by region and divided by race. The big question: Can Donald Trump succeed where Donald Trump failed?”

Jones, who went from the Obama White House to a job as a CNN guest commentator and now the host of his own show, “The Messy Truth,” concluded that it’s not the job of government to solve race problems, and the task should be left to individuals to sort out.

Jones added that presidents “cannot heal our deepest wounds.”

Watch Jones here:

Jones may be right that only individuals can change social structures and heal racial divides.

What he’s missing is that Trump has already proven his leadership in uniting the heart of the country into one movement that crumbled the dynasty of one political family and sent another shuffling off into certain obscurity.

Trump can lead the country along a path of renewed inspiration, economic success and global security. Individuals can take this lead and use it to come together as a national community.

If individuals, and most are Jones’ liberal cronies, choose to spit in the face of that opportunity as they’ve spit upon America itself, that is their problem.

Get on the American train of future prosperity or get run over. It’s your choice, your responsibility.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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