Obama’s Time Has Come To An End…The People Have Spoken And Barack Is FUMING!

Pollsters continue rolling out their twisted truth about the many “successes” of Barack Obama and the liberal-leaning media is eating it up.

Every sliver of data is presented to make sure Americans remember the president’s eight years as a glorious time in the history of the country. Pollsters and mainstream media don’t want anyone digging out data exposing the reality that Obama failed the country.

One well-known outfit decided to lay out the truth for all to see, and the picture painted by Americans shows just how the people hate Obama and his failed legacy. From Yes I’m Right:

According to a Gallup poll of real Americans, the country believes that America has taken massive steps backward during the eight years of Obama’s horrible presidency.

“Asked about the state of the nation over the past eight years, Americans say the US gained ground in four of 19 policy domains, and they say it lost ground on 14 and held steady on one,” said the Gallup press statement, which highlighted factors deemed favorable to Obama.

The public sees “the biggest setbacks on the federal debt, crime, the gap between the rich and the poor, and race relations,” Gallup admitted.  Those grades were, respectively,  minus 36 percent, minus 35 percent, minus 34 percent, and minus 27 percent for “race relations,” Gallup acknowledged. Obama also scored minus 7 percent when Americans were asked about the “situation for blacks.”

Overall, the public graded Obama’s accomplishments as a minus 9 percent rating in the survey, which was taken Jan 2 to Jan. 3.

Americans fell for Obama’s silver tongue and promises of hope and a better society.

His promises were worth about as much as the twisted data of pollsters propping up his legacy of deceit.

Obama will paint his rosy picture through the end and pollsters and media outlets will profess his successes. Americans know the truth and aren’t buying the wool Obama tried to pull over their eyes.

Source: Yes I’m Right

Source: Breitbart

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