What Obama’s DOJ Did Is ALARMING! … This Must Be Investigated NOW!

Between WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, FBI reports and other reports from the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), we are starting to see a shocking level of political corruption at the national level. The latest is downright criminal.

A new report by the GAI now documents government extortion by the Department of Justice.

Breitbart reports that “banks are threatened with lawsuits for racial discrimination based on the controversial ‘disparate impact’ theory, and offered incentives to settle by paying left-wing groups directly, beyond the review or oversight of Congress.” The GAI describes the resulting system as one of “political patronage.”

The report itself using even stronger language:

The DOJ has instituted a system that provides significant funding for nonprofit ‘community organizers’ through a pattern of extortive lawsuits. This system, wherein appointed attorneys can legally extract money from the private sector and redistribute the funds to third-party organizations outside of the appropriations process, shows an unprecedented and extraordinary disregard for Congressional authority.

At least one organization, the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, admits to using funds to provide mortgages to people who would not qualify otherwise while also asking them to engage in political community service activities including attending protests and writing their Congressmen. The goal appears to be one of intimidation and indoctrination.

Breitbart notes that groups like NACA are used to approach and intimidate bankers directly in similar attempts to acquire additional funds. But following the sub-prime housing crisis of the previous decade, that practice became ineffective. Now it appears that these types of groups have found a legal way to manipulate the system and extort money. And Obama’s Department of Justice appears to be a willing accomplice.

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