Obama’s Betrayal Of Israel EXPOSED…Netanyahu Aide Has The Proof!

Israel is not backing down after its leader charged that the United States was behind a United Nations resolution attacking and isolating Israel.

It’s a back-stabbing effort by President Barack Obama in his final days leading the US. Instead of supporting a long-time ally, he basically threw Israel to the international wolves.

Israel doesn’t plan to comply with the UN resolution and called out Obama as the source of the sordid deal.

From The Blaze:

A spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Netanyahu’s government has “ironclad” information tying Obama directly to the anti-Israel resolution passed last week by the UN Security Council.

David Keyes, Netanyahu’s spokesman, said on CNN that top Israeli officials have evidence Obama not only pushed the deal to pass, but he helped “craft” it.

“Well, we have ironclad information, frankly, that the Obama administration really helped push this resolution and helped craft it, from sources internationally and from sources in the Arab world, and it’s really an unfortunate legacy, kind of last-minute jab at Israel that actually distances peace,” Keyes said.

Watch Keyes’ interview with CNN:

Keyes didn’t back down in a later interview on Fox News, saying the Obama administration is failing Israel.

“I think what we’re seeing is an abandonment of Israel, and an abandonment of a long-standing American policy,” he said.

More from Fox News:

The White House already has acknowledged President Obama made the decision for U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power to abstain. Unclear was how involved the Obama administration was in crafting and pushing the resolution itself – which initially was put forward by Egypt, and then pursued by New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal and Venezuela.

Netanyahu has vowed that Israel will not abide by the resolution, according to The Blaze, and has already started planning with his government how to respond. They have already summoned many of their ambassadors – mainly from countries that voted for the resolution – including their US ambassador.

Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have said in the days following the passing of the resolution that all U.S. funds to the U.N. should be cut until the international body revokes the anti-Israeli measure.

Obama has disgraced the United States once again. He also set in motion the potential for conflict in the Middle East.

Israel can only hope no conflict arises with Obama in the White House as he would leave Israel hanging.

Once President-elect Donald Trump commands US foreign actions, Israel will once again have its powerful ally by its side.

Source: The Blaze

Source: The Blaze

Source: Fox News

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