Obama Turns His Back On Israel…Gets Destroyed By GOP Senator!

Like all presidents in recent history, President-elect Trump will have serious foreign policy issues to deal with when he takes office next month. None is as controversial and problematic as the ongoing problems in the middle east.

Islamic extremism has taken over most of the area and Israel, our strongest ally in the region, is most at risk.

Trump’s problems have no doubt been exacerbated by last week’s United Nation Security Council’s condemnation of Israel. The Washington Examiner reported that “in a 14-0 vote on Friday, the U.N. Security Council condemned Israel for settlements in areas of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Obama administration abstained on the measure, marking a significant shift of U.S. policy.”

The Blaze reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Republican leaders, including Trump, have all voiced their outrage at the abstention. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was particularly outraged. Cruz joined with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, in calling for the US to withhold funding from the UN until the measure is repealed.

Cruz reportedly spoke with Netanyahu by phone to wish him a Happy Chanukah and to let him know that he and his country have “strong support” within the US Congress.

It is unclear at this point why President Obama took this action this late in his presidency. He ordered a similar vote in 2011 to be vetoed. Regardless, this leaves President-elect Trump with yet another foreign policy mess to clean up when he enters office next month.

Source: The Blaze

Source: The Washington Examiner


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