Obama Said What He’s Doing After He Leaves Office…Liberals Are OUTRAGED, But Conservatives Are SMILING!

There’s an old story about a rabbit crying out not to be thrown into the briar patch as punishment.

It’s a trick, because he actually lives there and such punishment would actually mean freedom.

President Obama announced that he plans to hang around Washington, DC, and recruit talent for the Democrats to rebuild the party.

In a reverse of the briar patch story, Republicans are screaming for him to – for once – live up to his promise. Obama in the Washington swampy, briar patch would mean further freedom for right-thinking Americans. Obama’s “safe zone” will surely spell the end of Democrats in power for decades.

In an interview with NPR broadcast Monday morning, Obama spelled out what he plans to do after he leaves office:

And after all that’s happened to the Democratic Party during Obama’s tenure, why not?

Bipartisan support for Obama’s post-POTUS plans has been resounding encouragement.

The briar patch analogy may not be correct, but Republicans would love to see Obama exercise certain failure with his plans.

Briar patch, bottomless pit, lion’s den, they all apply to Obama further destroying his legacy and the future of Democrats.

Source: Twitchy

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