Obama Just Got More Bad News As He Leaves For Good…This Is EMBARRASSING!

The NFL won a season-ending victory and more victories appear to be on the horizon. The NFL has seen near record low ratings throughout the 2016 season. Sports analysts and media pundits alike have speculated as to the reasons. Low ratings have been blamed on everything from the presidential campaign, which some said was more entertaining, to Colin Kaepernick and his ongoing protests.

As playoff season began, the NFL must have breathed a collective sigh of relief, both for the end of the tumultuous season and for some long-awaited good news. Ratings are up.

Not only are the NFL’s ratings up during the playoffs, they are at near record highs. And this is despite the many specials that the media have aired to offer a fond farewell to President Obama.

In fact, The Daily Caller reports that “twice as many people watched the NFL playoff games last weekend than tuned in to President Obama’s heavily promoted Jan. 10, 2017 ‘farewell’ address to the nation.”

Here’s the stats:

  • 44 million viewers watched Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys-Green Bay Packers game.
  • 41 million watched the Pittsburgh Steelers battle the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • 24 million viewers who watched Obama’s farewell address.

Adding perspective to the numbers, each football game was aired on only one network. Obama’s farewell address aired on the major television networks as well as all cable news networks. CBS and CNN have also aired their own tributes to the outgoing President.

The Daily Caller reported that Obama’s ratings have steadily declined despite what the New York Times called “rapturous crowd[s]” and “thunderous applause.” His final State of the Union address one year ago had the lowest television ratings of “any presidential address to the nation.”

As 2017 and the Trump administration begin, it seems that the country may be ready to move on. Voters said their farewells in November. Enough fawning over the outgoing president. Let us look on to the future…and the rest of the NFL playoffs.

Source: The Daily Caller

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