Obama Continues To Betray Israel…Gets Wrecked By GOP Senator!

United States-Israel relations are damaged thanks to behind-the-scenes meddling from President Obama.

American connections within United Nations kept quiet about months-long discussions pitting the UN against Israel over disputed settlements.

Once Obama and his globalist cohorts, including Arab-Muslim nations sworn to end Israel, established their plan they all voted to treat Israel as a terrorist nation.

The back-door dealings scenario was created by the US with knowledge of the president, according to one US senator. Sen. Tom Cotton R-Ark., spoke to Fox News Sunday about the foreign relations mess.

“It only could have been brought forward and passed with explicit United States coordination with other members of the Security Council,” Cotton said.

On Dec. 23, the U.N. Security Council voted 14-0 on a resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The United States abstained from the vote, refusing to exercise its veto power.

Watch Cotton call out Obama here:

Congressional Republicans and Israeli leaders have condemned the resolution as a betrayal against the US ally and blamed Obama.

“If Barack Obama, John Kerry and Samantha Power hadn’t been speaking for months about the prospect of this resolution and had not been creating climate inside the Security Council to let it come forward without firmly saying we will veto any one-sided anti-Israel resolution, no country would have brought that resolution forward,” Cotton said.

Cotton and other Republicans have pledged they will work to thwart future UN resolutions against Israel. Some have called for Congress to cut off funding to the UN.

Israel presents a key ally for US interests in the Middle East and Obama’s actions are senseless and damaging to the country.

All efforts should be used to counter Obama’s deceit and keep the UN in check.

Source: The Hill

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