Obama Awards Biden A Medal…NBC Host Loses His Mind! -WOW

We all know that the mainstream media simply adore all things Obama. That even applies to his often off-scripted vice-president. President Obama surprised his friend and colleague Vice-President Joe Biden last Thursday with a Presidential Medal of Freedom. The media’s response was huge.

Nearly every network aired footage of the event where it was announced to Biden that he was the recipient of the medal. Biden teared up at the honor. Apparently, the media did, too.

The Washington Examiner reported that NBC “Today” host Matt Lauer “burst out in tears” as Biden received the honor.

I’m glad there were no cameras in my apartment yesterday because I was sitting there just weeping,” Lauer said. “I just burst out crying when I saw that moment. It was incredible.”

Media Research Center vice president of research Brent Baker summed up his response eloquently.

Really? A grown man, a media veteran of decades of covering deadly tragedies, admitted to bursting into tears when one politician gave an award to another politician?” Baker asked. “The elite media may well be more emotionally invested in Obama and his team than anyone imagined.”

Biden thought he was at the event to give a parting toast with the president. He was surprised to see his entire family there and then to have the president announce the real reason he was there. Biden turned from the cameras as he teared up and cleaned his face. He continued to cry as he was awarded the highest civilian honor which can be bestowed by the president.


Source: Washington Examiner

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