Newt Gingrich DESTROYS Trump Haters On Immigration Ban…They Are FURIOUS!

Open borders and failure to enforce immigration laws sent America down a path of danger to its citizens over the past eight years.

Correcting that runaway policy now requires a complete reversal that, at worst, inconveniences a few foreigners trying to get into the country.

Part of that correction – an executive order from President Donald Trump temporarily banning travel from known terrorist harboring nations – pushed mainstream media and liberals into a frothing fit of anger.

The leftists joined immigrants and other foreigners protesting the ban and disrupting travel of hard-working citizens at American airports. Protesters threw out every claim of civil rights violations – for foreigners – while ignoring the constitutional rights of Americans for a safe country.

Newt Gingrich defended Trump’s executive order that suspends Syrian refugee resettlement in the US for 120 days and halts entry to the United States for travelers from seven terror hotbeds for 90 days.

“I think we have to recognize that we, as a country, have the right to protect our own citizens, and that that is precisely what this aimed at,” Gingrich said.

Watch Gingrich on Hannity:

Gingrich told Hannity it’s relieving to have a president who takes the threat of international terrorism seriously and who is prepared to take “tough-minded” steps to keep Americans safe.

The former speaker also acknowledged the executive order will inconvenience some people, Fox reported, but that’s a small price to pay when lives are on the line.

“The people in the Orlando nightclub who were killed? They were pretty inconvenienced,” Gingrich said. “The people in San Bernardino who were killed at the Christmas party? They were pretty inconvenienced. The people in Berlin who were killed when a truck went into a Christmas market? They were pretty inconvenienced.”

Inconveniencing a few foreigners trying to get into the country is a small price to pay to protect America’s freedoms at home.

Most Americans won’t be affected by these foreign travelers’ plights no matter what their intentions. But, if only one American life is saved down the line at the inconvenience of a foreigner, it is a great policy and Trump will be thanked.

Source: Fox News

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