Newt Gingrich DESTROYS Obama As He Leaves Office…He Is Furious!

As President Obama enters his final month in office, he is engaging in a flurry of activities. In the last week alone, Obama has made political appointments, pardoned or commuted the sentences of convicted felons (more than any other president) and has banned drilling in potentially oil-rich waters.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox News Sunday with his take on Obama’s activities in his final days in office.

His legacy is like one of those dolls that, as the air comes out of it, shrinks and shrinks and shrinks,” Gingrich said. “The things he’s done this week will be turned around…He’s in this desperate frenzy.

Gingrich asserted that Obama’s recent actions illustrate how desperate he is to leave a lasting legacy. However, Gingrich also noted that most of these actions are the result of executive actions “almost all of which will be repudiated by Trump.” He also said that he believes Obama is “setting up a whole series of things to distract Trump.”

Gingrich argued that Obama’s legacy “would have lasted far longer” if he had sought to accomplish key legislative measures in a bipartisan manner rather than the partisan Congressional tactics he initially employed and the rampant use of executive orders in his second term.

Gingrich said that the incoming Trump administration will have a lot to deal with other than rolling back Obama’s executive actions. Most notably is the creation of a comprehensive strategy to combat ISIS.

So, what will Obama’s legacy really be? That depends in large part on how many of his executive orders President-elect Trump repeals and how well Trump and Congress are able to work together to establish his own legacy.

Watch the segment here:

Source: Fox News


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