BOOM: Newt Drops A MASSIVE Truth Bomb On Liberals…This Has Them Crying!

As Donald Trump nears the end of his first week in office, political pundits are already analyzing his moves. Many in the mainstream media and social media are blasting the nascent administration over the way they have begun. But conservatives are largely hopeful and optimistic as they see the new President take swift action to fulfill many of his campaign promises.

This is welcome news for many conservatives and Republicans who feared what Trump could do in the White House. Some conservatives have been especially concerned that Trump will be too populist.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is a long-time supporter of President Trump. He appeared on Fox News with host Sean Hannity to share his views on Trump’s initial days in office. Gingrich argued that Trump has been “aggressively pushing his agenda” in his first few days and that we can expect to see more of that. He asserted that conservatives who remain concerned about Trump’s presidency “should close their eyes and consider three words: ‘President Hillary Clinton.’”

Nothing he’s going to do for the next two years is going to be like one day of Hillary,” Gingrich said. He implied that Trump may have an empowering effect on the conservative movement and the Republican Party suggesting that he may the “most effective anti-left” president ever.

He’s anti-PC, he’s anti-left, he’s anti-stupidity and he’s deeply pro-America,” Gingrich said. “Now, which of those values shouldn’t make a conservative happy?”

Both Hannity and Gingrich agreed that “Trump’s success as a president will all hinge on how well he keeps his campaign promises, including an ‘originalist’ Supreme Court nominee, extreme vetting of refugees, border security and energy independence.


Source: Fox News

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