NY Times CALLED OUT By The Unlikeliest Of Foes! … We DIDN’T See This Coming!

MSNBC host Chris Matthews is famous or infamous for admitting that Barack Obama’s speeches gave him a thrill up his leg.

A former speechwriter for President Jimmy Carter and chief of staff to House Speaker Tip O’Neill, the fast-talking Matthews is full-fledged member of the liberal Beltway media echo chamber.

On occasion, he departs from the liberal agenda, however. In May, he admitted on live TV that the New York- and Washington-centric news media doesn’t represent America, particularly when it comes to individual gun ownership.

On his show “Hardball” Monday evening, Matthews got into exchange with a New York Times reporter about the mainstream media.

Journalist Yamiche Alcindor seemed to be conceding that “blue-collar billionaire” Donald Trump (or Bernie Sanders before him) is making an effective argument about biased reporting by the elite media “because people really do feel when they go and get the news that they are really getting it from these people that have some sort of plan to rig this election, or rig the economy, or don’t want to cover the real issues.”

That’s when Matthews interrupted (as he often does) to ask her if she knew anyone at the Times who his pro-life. The reporter first declined to answer the answer the question and then said that she never asked he colleagues about it.

“That’s cute,” an apparently skeptical Matthews noted.

Matthews then chimed in with some praise for Trump:

I think people look at Trump…those who like him…as sort of a Sinatra kind of guy. Yeah, he has a lot of money, but he acts like a little guy who got to be a big guy. He doesn’t look like he was born to it..

According to the Media Research Center, 91 percent of broadcast news coverage of Trump since the convention has been negative. That doesn’t take into account the constant Trump bashing on CNN or other cable news outlets.

You may recall that Matthews got into some hot mic trouble of his own for ogling Melania Trump, the potential future First Lady, when she accompanied her husband to the podium for his Indiana Primary victory speech in early May.

h/t: The Daily Caller


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