BREAKING: New Poll Out … Trump Leading In This CRUCIAL Swing State! -YUGE

While Democrats are busy plugging fingers and toes into the damn blocking truth about their candidate, voters are surging forward to break out in favor of the Republican presidential candidate.

Poll after poll has broken since the weekend showing Clinton numbers down nationally and in key states. Republican Donald Trump is surging behind American opinion set to burst Clinton’s bubble.

Another key state has dramatically turned for Trump since last week. North Carolina is showing Trump at 51 percent and Clinton trailing at 44 percent, according to SurveyUSA.

From Hot Air:

Almost a third of respondents in the WRAL News poll ranked trustworthiness as the most important consideration in voting for president. Positions on issues were rated most important by 40 percent, while experience and character were far behind at 17 and 8 percent, respectively.

Of those ranking trustworthiness most important, 83 percent favor Trump. He also wins among those most concerned about issues, 52 to 43 percent.

Trump still falters against Clinton on experience and surprisingly, character, considering the corruption and email investigations mounting against Clinton. A striking change for Trump is how well he’s polling among urban voters. He’s also gained with rural voters in the state.

Clinton’s sizable lead in North Carolina’s metro areas also has eroded since early October. Her 64 to 27 percent lead among urban voters three weeks ago is down to 53 to 43 percent, and her 9-point lead in the suburbs is now a 2-point deficit. Meanwhile, Trump has extended his lead among rural voters from 18 to 26 points.

The new poll numbers have data geeks for Trump excited, but cautious. State numbers in North Carolina may be an indicator of larger gains for Trump within states with people who were on the fence before Clinton faced another email investigation and more WikiLeaks revelations over the weekend.

Trump is leading Clinton in the ABC/Washington Post tracking poll of voters across the nation. One week before election day Trump has 46 percent to Clinton’s 45 percent.

The FBI investigation itself may be the turning point for masses of voters with North Carolina setting the pace.

There’s been a major news development affecting the race, and this is the only survey of the state to have priced it in so far. Incidentally, this is the first time either candidate has hit 50 percent in a North Carolina poll; Trump’s previous best was 47 percent.

Democrats are scrambling following the constant change in polling numbers. Still, Trump supporters can’t get overly optimistic as the party appears to be coming together less than a week before election day.

For what it’s worth, the early voting returns in North Carolina show that the electorate is not very different from what forecasters expected this year. “Undercover Trump voters” aren’t showing up, yet.

On the other hand, the SurveyUSA poll has Republicans splitting 90/5 for Trump while Democrats split just 75/23 for Hillary. That’s surprising, as typically Trump has had more trouble this year than Clinton’s had in consolidating his party.

The race will come down to the wire next Tuesday as Trump continues his late surge. Will it be enough to pry a few extra states away from tried and true blue voters?

Will those die-hard Democrats stay with a candidate so flawed, so embroiled in controversy and potential criminal acts?

Clinton and her crooked cronies are just about out of fingers and toes. Any more slips and the damn will burst for Trump as he surges to drain the swamp.

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