New England Patriots Win EPIC Super Bowl…Media Goes Into Complete MELTDOWN!

As kickoff time approached for Super Bowl LI, the media were stacked against the New England Patriots, as coach Bill Belichick and superstar quarterback Tom Brady are reportedly Trump supporters. Furthermore, CNN is based out of Atlanta and you have a media recipe for disaster for the Patriots.

Sunday night’s game was no disappointment. The Falcons dominated the first half only to completely fall apart as the Patriots surged in the second half. As regulation time ended, we witnessed the first overtime in Super Bowl history. By now, we all know how it ended. The Patriots won the toss, drove the ball downfield and easily scored the winning touchdown.

So, how did the media respond? They were whining all over social media. As the Falcons held a dominating lead, they proudly announced that the Patriots had virtually no chance of winning. Then their hearts sunk as they watched the Patriots defy all odds and win the Super Bowl. Just take a look:

Source: Breitbart

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