Muslim YouTube Star CAUGHT Faking Outrage…Gets Destroyed By Fox News Host!

It seems that we are in an odd place in history as 2016 comes to an end. On one hand, we are encouraged to treat all people fairly and not judge others based solely on their race or religion. On the other hand, we are constantly warned to be vigilant if we see someone behaving suspiciously. Nowhere is this more stressed than in our nation’s airports.

YouTube star Adam Saleh made headlines when he announced that he had been kicked off a Delta Airlines flight after speaking Arabic. He also posted a video of the incident online.

Celebrities and the mainstream media immediately jumped to his defense and decried the racism and Islamophobia that led to his abusive treatment. The problem is Saleh is a well-known prankster.

Fox News Greg Gutfeld took Saleh and the media to task. He called Saleh a “renowned hoaxer” who has a history of airplane/Arab prank videos including “Arabs on a Plane,” “Speaking Arabic on a Plan” and “Counting Down in Arabic on a Plane.”

And still, celebs and the media buy his shtick,” Gutfeld said. “This ghoul says that even though he’s cried wolf many times before, this time it’s real – and he’s consulting a lawyer.” Actors vowed to boycott the airline and the media who blast fake news retweeted Saleh’s video.

Once again, without evidence, so many swallow an attention-seeking drama, happily spearing a company and the innocent people that it employs,” he said. “So who’s worse: the hoaxer or his frothing enablers in the media?

Gutfeld called for Delta to sue Salah and defend the company and their employees. Delta issued a statement confirming that they did remove Saleh from a flight but that it was done after he shouted and engaged in other “provocative behavior.”


Source: Fox News


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