MSNBC Tries To Corner Trey Gowdy…Left LICKING Their Wounds!

Liberals are the jacks-of-all-inquisitions and the masters of no rational reasoning.

One person they really shouldn’t keep inviting onto their leftist talk shows is Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC.

The Congressman from South Carolina makes America proud every time he schools liberals to the point they’re left speechless.

Left-leaning MSNBC corralled Gowdy and tried to bait him with a series of loaded questions.

They taunted him with queries about a senator’s letter condemning the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal; the timing of the FBI letter notifying Congress of a new twist in the investigation; and possible Russian interference in the US election process.

Watch as Gowdy skillfully schools the liberals:

The letter from Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., accused FBI Director Jim Comey of violating federal law.

Gowdy replied with few words in his first lesson:

It’s just laughable.

The liberals pivoted to the timing of the letter, saying it was politically motivated.

Gowdy broke down the facts for the clueless Clinton surrogates.

“(Comey) didn’t tell her to set up her own private email server,” Gowdy said. “He did not tell her to mislead the public about whether or not she sent or received classified information. He did not tell Huma Abadeen, ‘Hey, don’t turn over all your devices.’ And, God knows, he didn’t tell Anthony Weiner to sext with underage girls.

None of that is Jim Comey’s fault. The timing is a direct and probable consequence of decisions Secretary Clinton made years ago.

The stammering liberals brought up possible Russian interference with US elections. They asked whether Clinton’s emails or Russian interference was a higher priority.

“Foreign interference in our election is terrible,” Gowdy said. “Mishandling classified information (by Clinton) is terrible. They’re both important. They both ought to be looked into.

The rules ought to apply to everybody, no matter what the calendar says and no matter what your political ideation is.

Gowdy’s brilliant answer of fairness under the law stunned the liberals.

After dust from the liberal inquisition cleared, Gowdy was left at the head of the class with liberals gasping for answers from each other’s notes.

Gowdy is too smart for poorly disguised traps from liberals. He has a mind worthy of higher office, possibly even the Supreme Court.

h/t: Yes I’m Right

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