MSNBC Host Goes Gaga Over Obama Again…He Just Can’t Help Himself!

With all the wailing and lamenting emanating from Chicago to Washington, DC, one might believe a very important person died.

Instead, liberals and snowflakes everywhere are crying because the end of an era of false hope, deceit and unprecedented racial divide is finally upon those who’ve worshipped at the feet of President Obama. Of course, they believe Obama the great actually aided their lives, never lied to them and provided unity among everyone in America.

At least that’s what he preached Tuesday night during his farewell speech to roaring applause and streams of tears in his adopted hometown of Chicago. Obama’s stirring words, which occurred a short distance from the sites of deadly black-on-black violence, prompted reflection among leftist journalists.

One journalist was moved to the point of physical reaction. His love of Obama poured out once again to all the world as he further revealed his bias and that of his mainstream media cronies who lied to the world for eight years.

Liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews reminisced about his admiration for Obama Tuesday. His reflection sent another thrill up his leg.

“To see Barack Obama elected president, was, to me, emotionally and physically stirring,” remembered Matthews.

Matthews has noted his bias over the past eight years has been revealed through a striking “chill” that races up his leg whenever he marvels at Obama.

From the president’s first election in 2004 to his re-election in 2008 to Obama’s supposedly final speech, Matthews has a leg chill that expresses his admiration for Obama.

Matthews was not sentimental very long as he pivoted multiple times in the show to attack Republicans and administration nominations made by President-elect Donald Trump.

Matthews smeared US attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., as a racist, comparing Sessions’ confirmation hearing to the Civil War, NewsBusters noted.

“Call it the latest battle of the Civil War,” Matthews said. “Historic fighters for civil rights and human rights go to war with the man, the man Donald Trump wants to be our attorney, or certainly his attorney general.”

The Hardball host slimed, “There’s this sort of old seggie aroma about anybody who was a southerner who lived through that period. He wasn’t an active civil rights fighter. Okay?” 

Matthews couldn’t stop himself, emboldened by one last leg chill, as he went further back in time to denigrate Republicans.

The journalist ended the show by playing a clip of the then-2008 presidential candidate Obama attacking “Bush/McCain Republicans.” Matthews marveled, “Looking back and listening to those words, I can see why I was thrilled. Mr. President, thank you for having the courage to stand up for this country.” 

Leftist media members have fawned over Obama for almost a decade. His time soon passes, and their time of marveling over his unfathomable disdain for America ends. Liberals can no longer prop him up as a demigod and give him a pass with every anti-American act he commits.

The big chill of liberal media bias will soon be thawed by Trump as he stands tall for the heart of America.

Here’s the original clip from Matthews:


Source: NewsBusters

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