More Elitists Lash Out At Ivanka…This Will Have You FURIOUS!

Before President-elect Donald Trump began his quest for the White House, celebrities flocked to the Trump family. They relished the additional media attention they got when they associated with the famous family.

Now that Trump has won the presidency, things have changed.

Fox News reported that artists are demanding the Ivanka Trump remove artwork they created from her own home. A group of artists formed an Instragram campaign called “Dear Ivanka” in protest of her father.

Many of Ivanka Trump’s Instagram photos show her posing in front of pieces of artwork in her apartment.” Now the artists who were happy to sell their work to Trump do not want that to be known.

Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you,” wrote artist Alex De Corte.

These artists are not alone in their protest. Some fashion designers have publicly announced that they will not dress Melania Trump and some musicians have reportedly refused to perform at Trump’s inauguration.

The hypocrisy here is noteworthy. When the Trump name was valuable to the liberal elite, they flocked to the Trump name, to the Celebrity Apprentice and to sell their wares to the wealthy family. But now that Donald Trump is preparing to enter the White House, they seek to distance themselves from the same people they sought out before the election.

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Source: Fox News


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