Mike Huckabee Has An Idea For US United Nations Funding…Americans Are CHEERING!

President Obama and his gang of statesman are setting up United States foreign policy for failure on the way out the door.

A US vote of no support against Israel and a vengeful speech at the United Nations this week has one political voice calling for cutting off funds to the UN and giving the money to veterans.

Secretary of State John Kerry fanned the political firestorm after suggesting to the world Israel is part of the problem in the Middle East and the US ally should give up more in the peace process.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee called the Obama-led scenario a sham and suggested penalizing the UN.

Huckabee told Fox News’ Eric Bolling on “The O’Reilly Factor” Wednesday the billions of dollars the US sends to the UN could be put to better use at home.

“We ought to take that money that is going to the UN and make it available to veterans who have served under the US flag and make sure they get the benefits they need,” Huckabee said. “That’s money that ought to be spent on American service men and service women.”

Bolling reported that US funds provide 22 percent or about $600 million of the UN’s operating budget, while the US has spent more than $3 billion on peacekeeping and other UN initiatives.

It’s money down the drain, according to Huckabee.

“We are getting zero benefits,” Huckabee said. “We are getting embarrassed by the actions of the UN.”

President-elect Donald Trump has agreed, sending a message to the UN before Christmas and telling reporters recently that the UN is a waste of money.

Huckabee said Kerry’s speech before the UN was a disgrace.

“A lot is on the line,” Huckabee. He said the UN resolution condemning Israel validates terrorism by Palestinians against Jews and US support is betrayal of the US ally.

The Palestinians don’t want peace. They want to destroy Israel.

Bolling remarked that land the UN’s complex sits on along First Avenue in Manhattan’s Murray Hill neighborhood would be prime real estate for the government to sell.

Watch it here:

Huckabee’s suggestion to pull UN funds, which only serve global interests, is a worthwhile solution.

Without the money, the UN would lessen its anti-American stance on issues and have less money to operate its one-world agenda.

More money to spend on veterans at home would be a boon for the US.


Source: Fox News

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