Michelle Tries ATTACKING Trump…Backfires In Her Face BIG LEAGUE!

Outgoing first lady Michelle Obama is shadowing her husband’s apology tour with her own forum to discredit the incoming president.

The woman who sat idly by as President Obama pushed the country toward failure at home and abroad couldn’t resist slamming President-elect Donald Trump.

The queen of failure and crushed dreams had the gall to say “we” have no hope with Trump leading us into the future. This after her husband set the country back decades along racial divides, destroyed liberties and raced the economy toward a collapse.

Once she opened her mouth, her madness was revealed.

Michelle Obama has never been less graceful than during recent days. The smug FLOTUS decided to open her mouth to slam Trump when it spectacularly blew up in her face. As soon as the words seeped out it all boiled down to one damning reason that’s all her fault.

When it’s not President Obama showing that he’s a sore loser with his snide remarks, it’s his wife, Michelle. Her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey gave her the outlet to smear Trump at every turn.

The interview shows she opened her fat trap to say that this year’s election was “painful” to watch.

“This past election was challenging for me as a citizen,” she stated. “To watch and experience. It was painful.”

Hoping to use yet another disrespectful remark by the smug woman, Oprah decided to dissect the slam by expounding upon it. “So now, I ask you, what is your prayer for our country?” Winfrey questioned.

Of course, Michelle stuck her foot in her mouth in spectacular fashion.

“It’s hope,” she replied. “My desire for this country is that we remain hopeful and that we find a place in our hearts to love each other. It’s really simple – just opening up our hearts to others, making room.”

There’s only one problem – the Obama’s have intentionally crushed any and all “hope” of meshing our country together. On top of being the most spiteful First Family we have ever encountered, they’re also the most naturally destructive. As we’ve seen over the past 8 years, their so-called “hope” is nowhere to be found.

With Barack and Michelle Obama tearing this country to shreds to serve their own personal agendas, there’s really no questioning how the sore losers would handle a Trump win. We can officially say the Obamas have gone out just the way they governed – in a sad and pathetically petty manner.

If you can stomach the vile, watch the video here:

It’s time the Obama’s retired to spend the last few days in the White House packing up and tidying up the place for the next president.

Trump has already proven he brings optimism and hope to the nation through his work on retaining jobs and the stock market skyrocketing. Businesses and workers are ready to get busy rebuilding a declining world power.

Hope resonates with everything Trump touches.

Source: Mad World News

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