Media COMPLAINS About Fake News…Sheriff Clarke Responds In An EPIC Way!

Mainstream media is attacking “fake news” online while sensible critics are telling the same media to review their own failures before pointing fingers.

One of the biggest lies propagated by mainstream media is the Black Lives Matter movement, according to a nationally recognized law enforcement officer.

Leftist media helped the BLM lie take root and grow. It’s a lie that should be stopped.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke criticized liberal hysterics about fake news Tuesday, pointing out liberal journalists ought to take a good look in the mirror over their reporting on the 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

The outspoken critic of BLM argued on Twitter that “‘Fake news’ was born that year when MSNBC, The New York Times and the Washington Post “all propagated the Hands up, Don’t shoot lie.”

Liberal journalists and activists spread far and wide the myth that Brown had his hands up before being gunned down by police officer Darren Wilson. That claim was the origin of the Black Lives Matter movement and eventually lead to violent rioting in Ferguson.

The facts of the case showed the “Hands up don’t shoot” claim to be false and Wilson was justified in shooting Brown.

One Clarke follower showed the bias of the media in action:

Mainstream media needs to get over itself. Journalists operating in this world are not above reproach, and should be considered with caution because of their open biases.

Every media story has the potential to be false, no matter what organization distributes that story.

All media must strive for integrity and truth. All who don’t will fall short and be held accountable by today’s ever-present, technology-addicted public.

h/t: The Daily Caller

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