Media CAUGHT Sitting Through Pledge … Trump Fans Respond In A HUGE Way!

Arrogant mainstream media members continue to defile American patriotism and people are fighting back.

The self-righteous, “objective” mainstream media has protested against the “The Star Spangled Banner” and Pledge of Allegiance, disgracing the country and all those who support America.

Mainstream media is getting a taste of its own rancor with die-hard Americans lashing out at them in person. The confrontation came to a head in Naples, Florida at a rally for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

From Breitbart:

Donald Trump supporters started heckling members of the press after they refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance and national anthem at rally in southwest Florida.

People near the press seating taunted and jeered at members of the media after they noticed some members refusing to stand and honor the anthem and pledge. Many invoked the sacrifice of our military and wondered if the media members were taking the lead of San Francisco 49er backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Following the rally, Trump supporters railed against liberal mainstream media and their anti-American dissent.

“This useless press, during the Pledge of Allegiance, didn’t even stand up. They sat down, ignored it totally. They’re not really Americans. Their only interest is to be slanted toward Hillary,” said Ernie from Florida.

Many of the people Breitbart News spoke with blamed the media for rigging the election against Donald Trump. The most common agency cited for being biased was CNN, called the “communist news network” by one.

“CNN is the ‘Communist News Network,’” said the Trump supporter at the rally. I think their ratings show that they are. No one likes them.”

Mainstream media is getting called out by the true mainstream – Americans who support this country and all it represents. Americans who support the country don’t attack the symbols that have maintained this nation for centuries.

Protest, dissent and rebellion are all part of the American legacy. Protesters against the American flag, the values of this country and the people who support the US fully, have their place. All have a right to protest.

Therefore, liberal mainstream media members and all their Hillary-loving communist backers should prepare for backlash against them. Until now they’ve enjoyed a courtesy from people loyal to America’s true values, but that is ending. Attacked and threatened more each day, patriotic Americans are beginning to formulate a responsive ideology.

Mainstream media won’t survive the backlash, no matter who wins the election. Americans displaced, shunned and disenfranchised will strike out against the onslaught.

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