Major Terror Interrogator SPEAKS OUT…Americans Should Be Worried!

As Americans, we enjoy a level of freedom that many people around the world only dream of. But it comes at a cost.

That freedom can be exploited by those who seek to do us harm.

Dr. James Mitchell was an interrogator of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He asserted that Mohammed bragged ten years ago about how terrorists could use our own system, particularly our immigration system, against us.

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” Mitchell said the “easiest way to win the long battle to take over the world with Sharia Law was through immigration,” Mitchell said of Mohammed. Mohammed viewed America’s civil liberties and openness as “gifts from his god” that would highlight weaknesses and flaws in our system and in our society.

Like-minded Jihadi brothers would emigrate, wrap themselves in civil liberties for protection” all while using America’s welfare system for support, Mohammed told Mitchell.

Mohammed was reportedly surprised at the American response to the Washington sniper case, particularly the significant impact it had on everyday Americans despite the fact that few people were actually killed.

Political correctness allows [jihadists] to operate in our midst without being challenged,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell asserted that this week’s terror attacks in Berlin and Turkey reflect these trends and are confirmations of predictions made by Mohammed. He argued that we must “slow down immigration” from nations that support terrorism if we are to effectively fight back.

Mitchell said that the US also needs to be “much more aggressive when it comes to following up on those people who travel to countries where there are terror camps, especially when they’re not U.S. citizens and they’re coming back.”



Source: Fox News


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