Mainstream Media Goes After Trump Before Inauguration…Just One MAJOR Problem!

Conservative writers and pundits like to point out media bias. We seem to see it almost everywhere we look. But sometimes the bias is so glaring that it becomes almost comical.

Take a look at how the AP reported on the inaugurations of President-elect Trump and President Obama. The AP wrote that “Hundreds of thousands expected to clog the nation’s capitol for Donald Trump’s inauguration.”

“Clog” is a choice word that makes you think of a backed up sink or toilet. It is ridiculous for the AP to assert that they are engaging in fair and independent reporting when they choose words such as “clog” to describe hundreds of thousands of people converging to witness one of the most iconic transitions of power in history: the transferring of power from one political party to another.

Then, of course, we have to look at how the same news organization covered the inauguration of President Obama. The AP wrote in 2009, “a day pulsing with history draws the masses to President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.” Really? Pulsing? Like a heartbeat? And the reference to the “masses” is reminiscent of the famous poem at the Statue of Liberty as she calls for the “masses” to come to her.

So, the AP seems to want readers to believe that President Obama was full of life and welcoming of all while President-elect Trump is a clog in a drain. Imagery like this would be great in a work of fiction. Perhaps that is what the AP is now.


Here’s how some people reacted…

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