Lunatic Fringe UNHINGED…What Lefty Reporter Just Said STUNS America – DISGUSTING!

Racist liberals continue their attacks on the next president with lies about race relations and white Americans.

Liberals believe they can rail against President-elect Donald Trump and white people as if they were mangy dogs. Any level of racist rant or lie is acceptable to liberals while anyone with an opposing view should be shut down in their psychotic world.

One of the more radical anti-American, anti-white mouthpieces spewed his hatred to the point of comparing Trump to a racist mass-murderer. It’s a nauseating tirade of hate worthy of a thorough toilet flushing.

The leftist hatchet job was revealed by Newsbusters.

After a South Carolina jury convicted racist mass murderer Dylann Roof on 33 federal charges Thursday, a radical political writer went nuts. Jamelle Bouie of the leftists site Slate tried to tie Trump to the killer.

“Indeed, when read together, Trump’s (presidential campaign) announcement and Roof’s manifesto offer a duet in racial grievance,” wrote Bouie, chief political correspondent at Slate.

He rambled on about how both Trump and Roof shared a disdain for minorities, using Trump’s comments on Hispanics and the inner cities to draw his parallels. Bouie ranted about how they were “brothers in white resentment:”

The leftist’s condescending tone continued as he lied about Trump’s intentions as president.

“Thursday, Roof was found guilty of hate crimes and other charges by a federal jury, and Donald Trump is president-elect of the United States,” Bouie stated, while arguing that they both surrounded themselves with racist thought.

Roof’s depiction of black Americans as violent and dangerous is just a few steps away from Trump’s depiction of black communities as violent and dangerous hellscapes that threaten the safety of the entire nation, Bouie continued to hound.

He then admitted Trump’s candidacy did not lead to Roof murdering nine African-Americans in their church.

Bouie continued his false connections between the murderer, Trump and white America.

Trump embodies a white reaction to perceived decline in a changing world, then Roof represents that backlash in its most extreme and virulent form. Both Roof’s violence and Trump’s demagoguery flow from a shared swamp of resentment. The same white nationalists who led Roof down a path of hate and evil now gather in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the election of Trump as a triumph for their movement.”

All the racist nonsense this hack spewed led to his ulterior motive – to paint white America as electing Trump to spite President Barack Obama’s legacy.

He, like all his leftist hate- and race-baiters, doesn’t understand that people in this country want change not because of spite. Change is wanted and needed to correct a radical path of anti-American sentiment and stop a devastatingly horrible economy for workers.

There is a root cause of hate and racism in this country – it can be seen clearly in the mirror of every liberal.

Source: Newsbusters

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