WHOA: Longtime Clinton Ally Makes SHOCKING News… Hillary Will NOT Be Pleased!

The writing on the wall is becoming clearer as the election draws near. Trump support is up and the polls are tightening. To make things even more interesting, the FBI, even against Justice Department approval has reopened its investigation into Secretary Clinton’s criminal acts.

Aside from the direct boost to Trump by independents and other coming over to his side because of these new details. Even democrats are beginning to pull back from the scandal-embroiled former Secretary of State. They may not be jumping into bed with Trump, but neither are they willing to snuggle with Hillary.

As reported by Independent Journal Review, longtime Clinton supporter and friend Doug Schoen came out on national television, telling Fox News’ Harris Faulkner that he wouldn’t be supporting the Democratic nominee.

“I want to learn more this week. See what we see. But as of today, I am not a supporter of the secretary of state for the nation’s highest office,” Schoen said.

Watch it here:

This of course was a shock to many people, and one can only wonder how Hillary took this. However, it is refreshing to see that there are those outside the right that are thinking about what is actually best for the country and not their careers. Schoen continued:

As you know, I have been a supporter of Secretary Clinton. But if the secretary of state wins, we will have a president under criminal investigation, with Huma Abedin under criminal investigation, with the secretary of state, the president-elect, should she win, under investigation.

“I am deeply concerned that we will have a constitutional crisis if she is elected,” Schoen added.

If only more Democrats believed that what was best for the country, was best for everyone. But maybe there aren’t, as Faulkner noted.

“So the news in that there are other people, I imagine, like Doug Schoen,” she said.

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