Liberals WHINING About Trump Slamming Judges…Dinesh D’Souza Has PERFECT Response!

Citizens throughout the country must face a new reality when dealing with the United States government and free speech 24 hours a day from every corner of society.

The Founding Fathers never expected the country would have so many people and such technology that they could all insult each other any time they want. Free speech has never been more wide open for everyone to attack others at will.

Government officials can get into the free speech fray, and that creates even more conflict.

Conflict isn’t a necessarily bad thing in this country. Everything the Founding Fathers constructed within the constitutional framework falls back on the idea that every branch of government, and even the people themselves, must give way to a way of governing that offers checks and balances to keep everything, and everyone operating fairly.

What chaps liberals back sides is when they get one-upped by someone they disagree with on an issue.

For those who hate President Donald Trump, he’s one-upping them on an almost daily basis. The faint-at-heart liberals with no Constitutional backbone are having trouble dealing with a straight-shooting president exercising Constitutional allowances.

On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge James Robart in Seattle halted the Trump Administration executive order  that delayed visas for people from seven countries until there was more vetting to decide whether they were friends or terrorists. The seven countries, identified by the Obama Administration as terror prone, are Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Trump responded with a direct conversation with the public against the judge’s ruling, exercising his right, and duty, to challenge another branch of the government.

Trump pushed the issue further on the definition of a country:

The president didn’t stop as he derided the judge’s actions as dangerous:

Trump made sure everyone knows who benefits from the judge’s order against the president:

Trump, true to his patriotic nature, pushed the issue further and that’s what sent liberals into an agitated state of crying foul:

While liberals cried and reached for their comfort pets, conservatives lauded Trump for standing up for the country and exercising his dissent against another branch of government.

But Tuesday on Fox & Friends, conservative pundit, author, and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza said checks and balances go both ways:

“There are conservatives who are uncomfortable with Trump challenging these judges, but remember, the checks and balances go both ways,” D’Souza said. “If the federal judges are supposed to be a check on presidential overreach, there’s nothing that says that Trump can’t be a check on judicial overreach.”

There’s the truthful civic lesson of the day. The founding fathers implemented a constitutional framework of checks and balances that holds true to today.

Just because radical liberals don’t like such a challenge, doesn’t mean they get to stop the president from completing his duties and challenging a wrongful action by the judiciary.

Let freedom ring true against the radical liberals and their constant anti-American attacks.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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