Liberal Writer Releases Christmas Card…What He Wrote About Trump Fans Is DISGUSTING!

Liberals force-fed their ideology to Americans for decades.

Their free ride of anti-American abuse has crashed, and now they can’t get on track as the distant voice they are becoming.

The liberal meltdown is showcased more in the media. One journalist went off the deep end when he envisioned a holiday card using a photo of children to curse the entire country.

The election of Donald Trump has already cost people promising relationships and invitations to exclusive holiday parties, so it’s no surprise that the ripples from Nov. 8 are being seen in greeting cards as well.

For example, when you receive your annual greeting card from Peter Beinart, contributing editor at The Atlantic, you might want to hang it up a little higher out of reach of the young ones, or sneak it behind something a little more tame on the refrigerator door.

Social media forced Beinart to endure responses to his tasteless offense.

Real America is almost intoxicatingly amused when liberals’ bubble of fantasy bursts and reality floods into their world.

Four years, or more, of liberal tears will wash away much of the stream of crap forced on people for years. God bless America!

And Merry Christmas.

h/t: Twitchy

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