Liberal ‘Tolerance’ Against Trump EXPOSED…This Behavior Is DISGUSTING!

The world is completely upside down for irrational liberals who’ve enjoyed years of bashing any who oppose their thinking.

Leftists have said or done anything they want with no accountability. Opposition thinkers haven’t been allowed to defend themselves as mainstream media praises liberals’ nonsense and ignores all others.

What comes around goes around for fascist leftists who suck the life out of every free-thinking person. Attack now, and see what happens.

One liberal was shut down and sent packing after she attacked a supporter of President Donald Trump. From GOP The Daily Dose:

A woman that is unabashedly against President Trump, harassed a man on a plane for attending the inauguration to celebrate and not to protest. She then gets some bad news from the flight staff.

The incident was captured on video:


Here's the video (sorry for the low quality) of the lady being ejected off the plane. Pretty inaudible, but you can see her sneers and make snide remarks as she's escorted by police.

Posted by Scott Koteskey on Saturday, January 21, 2017

Buying a few drinks is a great price to pay to watch the snotty old liberal take a hike.

Liberals need to get more people calling them out for their hypocritical attacks on people exercising their freedoms.

Source: GOP The Daily Dose

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