Liberal Student Makes SHOCKING Claim…Gets DESTROYED By FOX News Host!

Snowflakes need to stay away from the heat of debate.

A babbling student leader at an elite Washington, DC university was schooled on national television. The student’s inability to articulate reasoned thought showed why no parent should pay $62,000 per year for college.

Students at this college attacked a wealthy trustee who donates time and money.

What was the spark that set off the students’ fiery attacks against a benefactor?

The trustee met with President-elect Donald Trump.

On his Fox News Channel program Monday, Tucker Carlson makes this American University student tie himself into knots to explain why his agenda – a fossil fuel-free, tuition-free and Trump-free existence – is nothing but outright hypocrisy.

The trustee in question is Gary Cohn, president and COO of Goldman-Sachs in New York who sits on the university finance and investment committee. It’s been reported Cohn is being considered for energy secretary with Trump.

Students believe Cohn is an improper example for the rich kids at the university because of his connections to fossil fuel investments, tuition increases and Trump. They want Cohn out and don’t believe the board of trustees supports students.

“The board of trustees has met every single movement with disdain,” said the student leader. “They don’t listen to the students. This is one in a long line of events students are upset about.”

Watch the exchange here:


Students started a movement with the slogan, “Dump Trump, Fire Cohn.”

Carlson pointed out Cohn can’t be fired because he’s not getting paid.

The response was a shrug of the shoulders.

Carlson also pointed out tuition has risen during the last eight years, but there were no protests over anyone meeting with the current president. Former vice-president Al Gore met with Trump, but no protests over that.

“Don’t you think it’s a mistake to frame all political differences as moral differences?” Carlson asked. “You’re instead calling them names and saying it’s somehow sinful to be engaged or involved with them. That’s the opposite of a dialogue.”

There was more leftist babbling from the student leader.

Carlson mercifully shut down the interview.

Every privileged, over-entitled university student spewing leftist nonsense provides proof higher education is failing the nation. These babbling snowflakes need to step off campus and into the real world more often.

They might actually learn something. Life experiences are cheap, plentiful and worth more than any degree in leftist ideology.

h/t: Yes I’m Right

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