Liberal Media Is COMPLAINING About Trump…Gets DESTROYED By FOX News Host!

Elitist attitudes caused mainstream media to miss key signs showing people supported the next US president.

People looked to their wallets and voted on the fact the economy has hit Americans hard and they are seeking change for the better.

It’s an attitude that cost Democrats the election and cost mainstream media its integrity and credibility.

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo slammed the establishment and members of the media Sunday, saying they failed to see the economic issues that mattered to Americans during the presidential campaign.

Her cut-to-the-chase assessment hit home on the “Cats Roundtable” on 970 AM in New York:

Obviously the elites, the establishment, the media, they had no idea what the people wanted and had no idea where the people were in terms of economic issues, in particular jobs.

The “Mornings with Maria” host emphasized that the 2016 election was about “the working man and woman.”

There’s a big portion of the population out there who was saying, ‘You know that, I’m the forgotten man and woman. I’m the one who has not seen their wages move in 20 years.’

Bartiromo told host John Catsimatidis investors and business believe the incoming administration’s changes will pass because of the “Republican sweep.” Republicans will control the White House, Senate and House of Representatives.

Businesses are sitting on cash because, before the election, they didn’t know what was around the corner. They were getting just strangled by regulations.

President Barack Obama passed 6,000 regulations in the last two years.

Bartiromo said now businesses see relief from regulations and opportunity on the horizon with President-elect Donald Trump. The stock market has been up 20 days in a row.

“The stock market is up because it’s a growth plan Donald Trump is proposing,” Bartiromo said. “This market is rallying on fundamentals. It’s an expectation that things will get better. The US is on the way back.”

Trump offers a new path, a path that promotes business and success, and he’s already setting the country on the road to accomplishment.

Mainstream media doesn’t want to accept it was wrong about Trump’s ability to win and sorely wrong about the will of the people.

Media elites will fight against Trump and prosperity, but will lose public support as the economy turns to help the those who need it the most – the people.

h/t: The Hill

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