Liberal Host Tries Attacking Trump…Kellyanne Hits Back, Conservatives Are Cheering!

Democrats have been in bed with mainstream media for so long they don’t know what it’s like to be on the outside looking in when it comes to power and politics.

Their choke-hold on the release of information and joint control of the public narrative with their leftist cronies has ended.

Democrats and liberal media personalities are getting stepped on by the renewed power of the right. Leftists are relegated to what they truly are – slasher propagandists cutting away at the heart of America.

The man in the big house now controls the public narrative and he uses modern technology to bypass traditional, mainstream media to say what he wants, when he wants. If the media doesn’t like it, Trump has made it clear they can stuff it up their noses.

As Independent Journal Review pointed out, when it comes to technology Trump isn’t your typical 70-year-old grandpa.

While many politicians delegate their social media tasks to younger, more tech-savvy staffers, Trump is a fast-fingered, sharp-tongued, unbridled tweeting machine.

Trump has waged 140-character wars with everyone from Rosie O’Donnell to the cast of Broadway’s “Hamilton,” and, according to a CNN poll, more than half of Americans wish Trump would shut down his personal Twitter account.

Don’t hold your breath. Trump won’t stop tweeting even if Obamacare gets repealed and replaced. His supporters are backing his direct access to the public narrative even if it angers liberal media.

“The press doesn’t like it because he does an end run around them, and it’s a democratization of information. You don’t have to wait for some journalist – some anti-Trump journalist – to curate the information,” said incoming White House adviser Kellyanne Conway.

Conway defended Trump Tuesday night on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

Meyers questioned if it would be better for Trump to stop tweeting and supporters would have to defend him less because of his fiery words.

“No, actually, the answer is no,” Conway said. “I think his Twitter platform, like his social media platforms in general, Seth, they combine 45 million followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and it’s his way to communicate directly with the people.”

Conway said another reason not to stop is because of the “Trump Effect.” She connected Trump’s tweets to political successes such as several US companies deciding to keep jobs out of Mexico. He’s accomplished a lot, she said, before taking office.

Trump is a maverick who runs his business, personal or political, according to his boisterous methods.

He doesn’t drop what he’s doing with every media or public outcry. He’s a master manipulator of the media and has direct access to the public without liberal mouthpieces.

Expect a four-year run at full gait with Trump’s wild mane and sharp tongue flying freely as he forges ahead with his agenda.

Watch Conway take on Meyers here:

Source: Independent Journal Review

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