Key Democrat Refuses To Meet With Barack On Obamacare…Obama Is Furious!

Meetings, meetings and more meetings. It’s about all Congress is capable of planning and completing.

Lawmakers yap about getting things done, meet about their meetings and then try to tell the people they are working hard. It’s a recipe for disaster Congress has been cooking for too long.

Much of the problem is Democrats and Republicans won’t sit down together to get things done.

President Obama is adding another meeting on his way out of office to rally Democrats to save his legacy program Obamacare. His meeting is designed to get Democrats to attack the incoming majority Republican side of the aisle and not include the opposition.

Obama’s legacy of exclusion came under fire from one of his own Democrats who said he will ditch Obama’s meeting about healthcare.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., says he’s open to almost anything on Obamacare, except more meetings – at least those exclusively among the faithful, reported Hot Air.

Manchin ripped both Obama and Vice-president elect Mike Pence for holding caucus meetings rather than reaching out across the aisle this week. He told Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough he won’t attend Obama’s meeting with Senate Democrats on ObamaCare strategy. Instead, Manchin wants Senators of both parties to start talking with each other:

Obama had eight years to do what Manchin suggested, and has only attempted it a couple of times at Republican caucus retreats – and then to give speeches rather than dialogue. In the issue at hand – ObamaCare — Obama joined with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to shove the legislation down the throats of Republicans simply because they could.

They only negotiated outcomes among Democrats when a lack of sufficient votes for controversial elements, such as the public option, threatened their ability to shove the bill through without Republicans. Obama didn’t even bother to meet with then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell until 18 months had passed.

As for the benefits of ObamaCare, voters don’t seem impressed with them, mainly because the coverage they’re mandated to buy costs far too much, and the deductibles are so high that most people will never access the benefits.

Talk is cheap, and lawmakers need to start paying their dues by getting work done.

Obama’s meeting is not about protecting Americans through a universal healthcare system. He’s rallying Democrats to save his name, his legacy, as Republicans prepare to strip him of all his force-fed accomplishments.

Democrats won’t succeed with anything unless they start talking with, not at, Republicans who hold the majority throughout government.

Source: Hot Air

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