BREAKING: Before The Debate, Hillary Hit With A BOMBSHELL That’ll Destroy Her!

Judicial Watch has been doing the work that the FBI and other federal government agencies have been unwilling or unable to do in probing the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal and the thousands of emails that are or should be public record.

In answers to 25 questions submitted to her by Judicial Watch as part of the organization’s ongoing Freedom of Information lawsuit against the US State Department, Clinton through her lawyers said she didn’t remember key information about 20 times. She also raised various objections couched in legalese to answering questions fully.

In one response, Hillary Clinton suggested that had no recollection of any communications with tech guy Bryan Pagliano, the individual who allegedly set up the private server, about the email system.

The interrogatories released by Judicial Watch last week are now part of the official evidence in the case and are part of what the lawyers called pre-trial discovery.

According to a follow-up press release Wednesday from the conservative watchdog group, additional emails uncovered  by the FBI allegedly indicate that direct communications actually occurred between Clinton and Pagliano requesting BlackBerry troubleshooting help.

The Democrat presidential nominee’s response to the interrogatory in question concluded, however, with “Secretary Clinton states that she does not recall having communications with Bryan Pagliano concerning or relating to the management, preservation, deletion, or destruction of any e-mails in her email account.”

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton reacted to this latest development in Servergate:

These new emails leave little doubt that Hillary Clinton was less than forthright and misled the public when she wrote, under oath, that she ‘couldn’t recall’ communicating with Bryan Pagliano about her email scheme. No wonder Clinton and her agents deleted these emails time and time again. And these smoking gun emails would never have seen the light of day but for Judicial Watch’s federal lawsuits.

Fitton has previously called for an independent special prosecutor to further investigate the private email server scandal.

Pagliano was one of five key Clinton aides granted legal immunity by the Justice Department in the investigation. He also invoked his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination more than 100 times during a June 2016 Judicial Watch deposition.

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