Judge Gives 3 Words Why He Won’t Deport Guilty Raping Refugees…This Is Outrageous!

The cancer of tolerance for violence continues its spread across the globe as radical ideology overtakes sensible laws protecting all people.

Violence against non-believers is fundamental to radical Islam which has weaved itself into the social fabric of many western European countries. Socialists and other liberals there openly allow the radical voices to drown out the cries of the native population for the sake of diversity and tolerance.

Such allowances for this ideological disease is destroying the social and legal fabric of the countries with so many anti-Western migrants.

One case shows how violence against a person is secondary to the liberal legal  thought of protecting Islamic migrants even after they brutally raped a child they liquored-up and dragged into the woods. The sickening reality that happened in Sweden was reported by Mad World News.

A group of five Muslim asylum seekers kidnapped a little boy at knifepoint, mercilessly beat him, and took turns brutally raping him in a wooded area. However, after a liberal judge heard the gruesome details of their sadistic attack, he explained with three ridiculous words why all five would be allowed to remain in the country as refugees.

Breitbart reported a Swedish court in Uppsala county found all of the migrants guilty of aggravated rape and the one who filmed it also guilty of child pornography. However, when it came time to sentence the dangerous asylum seekers, the judge had just three words to defend his refusal to deport the migrants.

He explained that extraditing the rapists back to Afghanistan would “be too dangerous” under Sharia law, Swedish newspaper The Local reported.

The judge’s judgment gets worse from there.

Saving the abusers from a deserved punishment, the judge denied the prosecution’s request for deportation, giving four of the rapists a paltry 15 months in prison while the fifth one received only 13 months imprisonment, according to the Expressen.

The judge saved the migrant child rapists from a standard 6-year sentence, admitting that their ages played a factor in the reduced punishment, even though the Swedish migration confirmed that at least one of the attackers is an adult.

Mad World News revealed the ultimate plan of Islam within the western world.

Sweden is paying the price for opening its borders to civilians of the world’s most violent and oppressive countries. Unfortunately, they aren’t only heading to Sweden. Millions of migrants are passing by countless safe Islamic nations for Western countries whose freedoms and values they despise.

Their goal is to spread Islam and establish Sharia law by any means necessary. Whether this includes peacefully converting unbelievers, outbreeding non-Muslims, or brutalizing innocent civilians depends on the religious devotion of the follower.

Before you dismiss the savage rape and liberal tolerance for such violence as something far away, consider US actions and attitudes toward immigration and religious freedom.

Current US leaders have allowed porous borders and calculated asylum-seeking refugee programs to populate the country with people who refuse to acclimate to Western or American values, beliefs and social constructs.

Sanctuary cities, postponed deportations, secret refugee repopulation and liberal courts siding with foreigners over citizens have all worked to change the population of the US.

How many more murders, rapes and other crimes must be committed on US soil before people shed the lie of liberalism and realize all these dangers are right in our backyard?

Source: Mad World News

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