Jeff Sessions Just Got Endorsed From The Unlikeliest Place…Liberals Are Fuming!

Democrats are showing their true vindictive character as they continually attack the incoming president and his choices for administration posts.

They conveniently forget that eight years ago Republicans ushered in a smooth transition for the new president who pledged to change the world with his administration. President Obama promised the same this year, but then exposed his own deceit as he’s done all the can to undermine the transition.

The transition took an even uglier turn today as lawmakers attacked President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for US attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions. Every possible hiccup or preserved wrong was thrown at Sessions by Democrats aiming to unseat his nomination.

Prior to the fiery debate on Capitol Hill, Sessions was endorsed in an opinion piece in the liberal-leaning Washington Post. The endorsement from former deputy US attorney general Larry Thompson countered much of the lame liberal attacks on Sessions during the confirmation hearings.

Thompson said he believes Sessions should be quickly confirmed by the Senate because of his “clear record of achievement in the areas of strong law enforcement and legislative bipartisanship.”

“It is my experience that there can be no public service without public criticism, but such criticism should always be dispassionate and not misleading. … And, the Senate should reject the cheap-shot accusations that attempt to brand the senator as racially insensitive or, worse, a racist.”

Thompson pointed out how Sessions once prosecuted a high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan for violent crimes against African Americans. He has also worked across party lines to pass legislation favorable to African Americans suffering from unjust law enforcement penalties.

“That Sessions can view law enforcement and Justice Department issues through a bipartisan lens was further demonstrated when he was one of only 19 Republican senators to vote to confirm Eric Holder, President Obama’s first attorney general.

“These remarkable accomplishments demonstrate that Sessions’s deep experience as a federal prosecutor and senator will bring much-needed, strong leadership to the Justice Department.”

Thompson, who served under President George W. Bush from 2001-2003, made it clear Sessions deserves to be the next US attorney general.

“So, despite criticism of some of the senator’s public policy and political positions, the nation and the Justice Department have benefited from Sessions’s leadership and time in the (public) ‘arena.’ While being battered at times, he has worked hard and has clearly advanced the public good. Sen. Jeff Sessions, a good man, deserves confirmation as our nation’s next attorney general.”

Trump’s new administration as a whole and Sessions’ individual confirmation deserve swift support from the Senate. Any delay or further criticism does not provide a smooth transition of power, and only further divides both sides of the aisle in Congress.

It’s time for Congress to move forward with Trump’s selections and leadership.

Source: The Washington Post

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