Ivy Leaguer Hawks Affirmative Action…Gets OBLITERATED By Fox News Host!

Affirmative action policies have become entrenched in our society. Some people argue that they are necessary to level the playing field for minorities. Others argue that it results in different standards based solely on race.

Ivy League schools have been at the forefront in advocating for liberal policies including more expansive affirmative action policies.

Harvard alumnus Jay Chen appeared on Fox News on Wednesday to discuss this issue. Chen is an affirmative action supporter. He argued that race is never the determining factor when being admitted to Harvard.

We don’t live in a colorblind society,” Chen said. He used the recent election to support his views.

Carlson pressured Chen to respond to the perceived unfairness of affirmative action which holds some students to a higher standard based solely on their race. Carlson noted the hypocrisy of fighting against racism while advocating for discrimination based on race when it comes to admission to Harvard.

Twitter users had a field day responding to the exchange between Carlson and Chen.






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