Howard Dean Went To The Friendly Confines Of MSNBC, He Was NOT Expecting This!

Hillary Clinton has for some time now appeared to be above the law. Perhaps that’s because she surrounds herself with people who will protect her and the power they seek if Clinton becomes president.

But at least one former high-ranking Democratic Party official seems unwilling or unable to even consider the fact that Clinton or her minions have done something wrong.

In an interview with MSNBC, former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean blindly accused WikiLeaks and the Republican Party for releasing information about the quid pro quo sought by Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy.

The allegations are revealed in a release of documents by the FBI Monday. Included in that release is a statement by an unnamed FBI agent who asserted that Kennedy approached him to ask for the classification of emails on Clinton’s private email server to be changed in exchange for the FBI being allowed additional assets overseas.

Dean seemed unaware and confused by the issue throughout the interview.

“This sounds like nothing. Who’s saying this?” said Dean. Anchor Thomas Roberts attempted to clarify that he was not talking about a WikiLeaks email but rather assertions coming from the FBI to the State Department. But Dean continued.

“This is nothing. Somebody made this up. This is innuendo leaked by the Russians.” Dean continued to appear confused and didn’t seem to understand or realize what Roberts was talking about.

“It is not plausible for Patrick Kennedy to be involved in doing something to get the FBI to change the State Department investigation.” As the interview went on, Roberts is seen smiling at times as he continued to try to help Dean understand that he’s asking about FBI documents rather than WikiLeaks documents.

Dean’s response to Roberts’s questions illustrate how blindly and ignorantly some Democrats follow Clinton. Dean clearly entered this MSNBC interview unprepared and unaware of a major news story directly affecting the candidate he supports.

If it wasn’t so sad that such a high-ranking Democrat official is so unaware, then Dean’s responses would be humorous. Dean’s bias is evident as he declares that it’s not plausible for Kennedy to be involved. That type of blind ignorance from those around Clinton and those who support her are what have kept her political career alive for so long.


h/t: Washington Free Beacon


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