A KEY Democratic Demo Is NOT VOTING … This Spells DOOM For Hillary!

Stellar early voter turnout may foretell results of the presidential election this year as Democrats struggle to attract large numbers at voting sites.

Hillary Clinton, battling federal law enforcement and countless releases of information showing her dirty politics, isn’t attracting support like favored Democrats before her. She has lost tremendous ground to Republican Donald Trump in less than a week.

Trump voter support is surging less than a week before election day while Clinton’s “guaranteed” voter blocs haven’t made it to the polls, including African-Americans.

Clinton and her supporters are blaming everyone but herself and her team for the lackluster support.

From The New York Times:

As tens of millions of Americans cast ballots in what will be the largest-ever mobilization of early voters in a presidential election, the numbers have started to point toward a slump that many Democrats feared might materialize without the nation’s first black president on the ticket.

The reasons for the decline appear to be both political and logistical, according to the Times, as some voters show less enthusiasm and officials blame changes in early-voting sites. Federal officials in North Carolina are blaming Republican-run election boards for limiting such sites and causing black turnout to be down 16 percent, according to the Times. Even with the changes, white voter turnout is up 15 percent.

Democrats blaming Republicans for lower black turnout doesn’t hold up in Florida. The Sunshine State extended early voting after long lines left some voters waiting for hours in 2012, according to the Times. African-Americans’ share of the electorate that has gone to the polls in person so far has decreased, to 15 percent today from 25 percent four years ago.

Clinton is down in these areas because voters are starting to see who she is as a candidate. She has the highest unfavorable rating among candidates in history and voters from all walks of life believe she’s not trustworthy.

This deviant Democrat has lost votes from across the spectrum within the electorate. She is a bad candidate not worthy of the presidency. All the reports of her dirty politics and criminal activity have helped open the eyes of voters.

Clinton is down among all voters, and we hope she goes down on Nov. 8.

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