This Is The Most DEVASTATING Number For Hillary Yet … Her Team Is In A FRENZY!

Democrat Hillary Clinton continues to poll as one of the most unfavorable candidates for president in American history.

She has been embroiled in dirty campaign politics accusations and ongoing email scandals that have her polling high in dislike and lower in head-to-head competition against Republican Donald Trump.

Trump continues to hit hard against Clinton as he stumps through key states to win the presidency.

Clinton’s highest level of unpopularity was released Monday through an ABC News/Washington Post poll. Her level of dislike topped all candidates with 60 percent of voters saying she is unfavorable.

Her Republican rival tallied 58 percent unfavorable as the race tightens among likely voters. As reported in MarketWatch:

Overall, the race for president is heading down to the wire, with the poll showing Clinton leading Trump among likely voters by just one point, 46% to 45%. The poll was taken Wednesday through Saturday.

Using the last two nights’ results, after FBI Director James Comey revealed a further Clinton-related email investigation, 47% of the Democratic nominee’s supporters said they were very enthusiastic about her, compared with 51% across the previous six nights.

Trump is leading Clinton in the ABC/Washington Post tracking poll of voters across the nation. One week before election day Trump has 46 percent to Clinton’s 45 percent.

Trump continues his march toward Election Day.

Donald Trump is redirecting his energy toward traditionally Democratic states in the final stretch of the 2016 campaign, seeing a fresh opportunity after the announcement Friday that the FBI would again examine emails related to Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

The Washington Post writes Trump and his advisers spent the weekend deliberating ways to seize on what they see as a dramatic turn in the campaign’s closing chapter and scramble the political map. On Sunday, Trump held rallies in Colorado and New Mexico, and he is scheduled to make two stops Monday in Michigan. He is expected to visit Wisconsin on Tuesday.

All the recent news about Clinton’s corruption and email scandals has turned election focus from all-out bashing of Trump to unintentionally more balanced. Not that Trump, by any means, has received fair and balanced coverage from mainstream media, but now the Clinton-biased media is forced to cover her crooked connections and methods.

Trump is seizing on an election turn that may propel him to the White House despite unprecedented media bias and political attacks against a presidential nominee.

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