Hillary Clinton Lost The White House…Now We Know EXACTLY Why!

One of the most publicized events of this year’s presidential campaign came with a series of interactions between now President-elect Donald Trump and Fox News host Megan Kelly. Kelly hit Trump hard in the first Republican primary debate and Trump hit back just as hard. Trump was widely ridiculed for his treatment of Kelly.

Now as president-elect, mainstream media from all over the country have gone after Trump for his treatment of them including such outrageous acts as going out to dinner with his family without first reporting to the media that he would do so. Now Megyn Kelly is calling out the hypocrisy of the media.

Kelly recently pointed out that both President Obama and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had both blacklisted Fox News journalists, but the media were silent about those activities.

“All of her time out there saying what a fantastic journalist I am, which she was using because she knew Trump had attacked me, she was using toy try to curry favor with certain voting blocs,” Kelly said.

Kelly claimed that she “asked Clinton ’50 ways from Sunday’ to come on her show for an interview, but ‘She wouldn’t do it.’” Kelly speculated that this was both because Clinton was “scared” and because “her team didn’t want to ‘legitimize’ Fox News.”

Kelly again stressed the hypocrisy of the media who did not call out President Obama or Clinton for refusing to work with Fox News journalists as those same people are now “shocked and horrified” that Trump is treating them the same way.

Watch it here:

One of the things that many voters seem to like about President-elect Trump is his willingness to bypass the media. Using tweets and speeches, Trump speaks directly to the American people in a way no president in recent history has done. If this pattern continues, the influence and role of the media will change. They do not seem too happy about that though.

Source: Newsmax

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