Hillary Caught WHINING About Fake News…Gets OBLITERATED By Michelle Malkin!

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton emerged from her relative seclusion following her loss last month. And far from taking responsibility for her own loss, Clinton is yet again playing the blame game.

Clinton chastised the media and challenged Congress to take action on the “epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda” that occurred throughout this past election season.

She asserted that there are “clear real world consequences” and that the fake news epidemic puts lives “at risk.”

Conservative author and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin appeared on Fox & Friends Saturday. She had harsh words for Clinton following her “fake news” commentary. Malkin called Clinton’s comments “hutzpah on stilts” and called Clinton “the world’s most fake news provider.”

“That smacks of the very kind of quote-unquote fascism that all of these Trump bashes have been decrying since the election,” said Malkin.

“Miss Fake-Blame-A-YouTube-Video-For-Benghazi [has] the sanctimony to lecture anybody else about false information…and bloody consequences [occupies] a bubble of un-reality,” Malkin added.

Malkin believes that “some in the Democratic Party feel threatened by alternative media sources and that Donald Trump’s election is a referendum on ‘establishment’ media.

“It’s clear that these people are threatened by alternative news sources that are taking away and diminishing their power,” said Malkin.” That certainly was a referendum of this past election.”


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