Here’s What MLK’s Niece Said About Trump…Liberal Media Is Freaking Out!

Liberals will seize upon any theme they believe can be selfishly used to drive more wedges between Americans.

Their rabid, insatiable goal to divide the country while proclaiming unity and tolerance knows no bounds. They’ve attacked the president-elect and his followers as uneducated, racist white people. Mainstream media concocted the idea Russia stole the election for President-elect Donald J. Trump. And the latest, a black congressman claims the next president is not legitimate and plays the civil rights card.

It’s an ongoing, sickening display of how vile, vindictive and downright dirty the liberals are in all their beliefs and actions.

The problem for liberals is all the lies they’re spewing are no longer accepted by Americans as truth. All their lies are continually being disproven by people of truth, including the latest proclamation from the niece of the founder of today’s civil rights movement. From American Thinker:

The latest media-manufactured controversy surrounding President-elect Donald Trump involves Congressman John Lewis, who won’t be attending the inauguration because he believes Trump will be an illegitimate president. He reportedly believed the same about George W. Bush.

Mainstream media and leftists online have attacked Trump who harshly criticized Lewis for his statement. The left believes Lewis should be protected from challenges to his lies because of his civil rights role.

The American left created a claque around [Congressman Lewis], requiring any serious discussion of the man to include a disclaimer as to his heroic status and infallibility … This made him the perfect voice to go where no elected representative should go following the operation of the constitutional machinery for picking a president.

American Thinker contacted Evangelist Alveda C. King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a pro-life leader about the issue. King serves as director of Civil Rights for the Unborn, the African-American outreach for Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries. She was asked if she hopes Trump will be a pro-life president.

“I pray that all polar opposites learn to Agape Love, live and work together as brothers and sisters – or perish as fools,” King said. “While I voted for Mr. Trump, my confidence remains in God, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Prayers for President-elect Trump, Congressman Lewis, and everyone including leaders.”

King provides words of wisdom for all.

Here she is confirming her vote on “Fox and Friends” Monday:

No matter one’s point of view, Americans should be striving together to accomplish great things as this country is destined to do.

Problem is, no one on the left is going to accept Trump and his goals anytime soon. They’ll keep attacking everything he supports. Just watch as they set the tone for the next four years on inauguration day by protesting, rioting and proclaiming their new rebellion.

Liberals moved from tolerance to hate this election cycle, and the country needs God to stop the violence they want to erupt across the land.

Source: American Thinker

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