Gun Control Hack Tries To Claim Victory…Gets Obliterated By Fox News Host!

2016 is in the past and we can now look back and reflect on the year that was. We see contentious presidential primaries, heated debates, protests and yes, even violence.

In the waning days, we sadly saw the passing of several high-profile celebrities. But let us not forget that many other people passed away through violence in 2016.

Chicago saw higher levels of violence than in any year in the past two decades. The statistics are undeniable. There were a total of 762 murders in the city in 2016. That is more than two per day despite Chicago’s gun laws being among the strictest in the nation.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Coalition to Stop Gun Violence executive director Joshua Horwitz Tuesday to discuss the issue. Horwitz claimed his organization sees “evidence” that “gun prevention laws” are working. Carlson pointed out that “there are far more guns per person in America than there were 20 years ago, and the homicide rate has dropped dramatically. If gun control is the answer, how can that be right?

Horwitz denied Carlson’s assertion claiming that “ownership ‘overall’ isn’t actually up, but some Americans own more guns.” Instead, he argued that the nation’s gun laws may have been loosened “too much.”

That is when the exchange became heated. Carlson pointed out the Chicago statistics asking, “3,500 shootings last year, 762 murders. What gun laws would have prevented that?”

Horwitz did not answer the question. Instead, he claimed that Chicago’s gun laws are not strict enough and that most of the guns used in the Chicago crimes came from other states. After Horwitz claimed again that gun laws work, Carlson retorted, “then why isn’t it working in Chicago? I mean, realis is the real reason it’s all the fault of Indiana? I mean, really?”

The exchange became almost comical as Horwitz later argued that “assault weapons make killing more lethal.” After all, in the rest of the world “killing” and “lethal” are synonymous.

This is part of the problem with gun control activists. They like to blame the guns and the laws that allow people to own them rather than the people that shot and killed 762 in Chicago.


Source: Independent Journal Review

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