Gun Control Group Totes Astounding Stats…There Is Just One MAJOR Problem!

Don’t expect the truth about school shootings to be broadcast by mainstream media anytime soon.

A farfetched report from a radical-leftist billionaire and his minions is spreading through some online media. It’s all hyped data that qualifies as fake news and not factual reporting.

A Second Amendment watchdog site got wind of the report and tore it down to its framework.

The result shows what most people know – the radical left will spew false news as fact if it fits their anti-American cause. The school shooting fanciful school shooting report and the contrasting truth were revealed by Hot Air:

The Huffington Post recently spooned out some “data” on school shootings supplied to them by Everytown For Gun Safety. The Michael Bloomberg-funded group has been compiling statistics on mass shootings at schools which have taken place since Sandy Hook.

If one were to believe what the radical group is saying, the numbers of shootings are shocking.

There have been over 200 school shooting incidents – an average of nearly four a week – since  the horrifying morning when 20-year-old Adam Lanza marched into Sandy Hook Elementary School and did the unthinkable.

According to data from Everytown for Gun Safety, which tracks gun violence and other shootings on school grounds, there have been at least 94 gun-related deaths and more than 156 people injured as a result of more than 200 school shooting incidents since Sandy Hook.

This doesn’t include plots that thankfully didn’t come to fruition, like the one police stopped this week in Oklahoma, when they arrested a heavily armed 13-year-old girl who had reportedly threatened her classmates.

Those would be dangerously high numbers if true. But is it that bad?

As with so many other “factoids” which show up at sites like HuffPo and in the mainstream media, you might want to do a bit of research on your own before swallowing them whole.

That’s precisely what our colleague Bob Owens did over at Bearing Arms. Unlike the Huffington Post, Bob investigated the actual incidents listed in the Everytown spreadsheet and immediately began noticing some discrepancies.

For starters, he established a basic definition of a “school shooting” as an incident where someone actually was intentionally shot in or on the property of a school. (Doesn’t sound too unreasonable, does it?) Applying that to the list of incidents he immediately began noticing a pattern.

Examples of Owens’ results follow:

1/16/13 CHICAGO, IL Chicago State University

The tragic shooting of Tyrone Lawson by a couple of suspected gang members in a parking lot at 95th Street and King Drive in Chicago was near, but not on the campus of Chicago State University. Not a school shooting.

2/7/13 FORT PIERCE, FL Indian River State College

Fort Pierce Police Chief Sean Baldwin said that a police chase that went across the city that ended up in a shootout between the suspect and the police in a campus parking lot was “just a coincidence.” This was not a school shooting.

Owens follows this pattern of fact checking throughout the Everytown report of 203 “school shootings.”

HuffPo’s uncritical regurgitation of this Bloomberg group’s “fact sheet” demonstrates why the job can’t be left entirely up to them. Everytown claimed a grand total of 203 “school shootings” to push a maximum shock factor out to the public.

What is the true number of school shootings that HuffPo and mainstream media wont’ reveal?

Owens published on Bearing Arms that of those 203 “school shootings,” only 44 meet the common perception of a school shooting, where someone came to a school campus to shoot faculty, staff, or students.

Everytown and Moms Demand Action, both projects funded by radical anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, have long had a reputation for dishonest propaganda, Bearing Arms reported.

Mainstream media has repeatedly revealed its penchant to promote fake news and its own liberal bias.

The job of fact-checking this “accepted” media has fallen to those operating outside the mainstream. Mainstream media has chosen to no longer police itself as unbiased journalists.

That ship has long sailed.

Source: Hot Air

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