Governor Lays Down The Gauntlet On Sanctuary Cities…Open Border People Are LOSING THEIR MINDS!

Rogue cities with no accountability under the law have produced a subculture that endangers the lives of American citizens.

Illegal aliens thumb their noses at US laws to gain access to these cities where local government officials turn a blind eye to criminal acts against innocent people. American citizens must abide by the laws of the land while illegal aliens are allowed to roam free, even with criminal records.

Violent criminal acts – including murder, rape and assault – are common crimes committed by crooked,  illegal aliens. These criminals are given almost diplomatic status even if captured by local law enforcement.

Sanctuary cities who protect such criminals are about to be slammed hard in the pocket book as federal and state officials work to control these rogue municipalities. One governor plans to hammer the elected officials themselves who protect criminal illegal aliens.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told Fox News he is vowing to pursue legislation to “remove from office” any official who promotes sanctuary cities – potentially raising the stakes for local sheriffs and mayors who defy federal law.

“We are working on laws that will … ban sanctuary cities [and] remove from office any officer-holder who promotes sanctuary cities,” he said. 

Abbott announced the legislation in an interview Wednesday with “Fox & Friends,” saying he and fellow Republicans in the Texas legislature are working to ban sanctuary cities and impose financial and criminal penalties on officials who fail to comply.

The governor’s comments come amid a dispute between Republican Abbott and recently elected Democrat Travis County Sherriff Sally Hernandez, Fox reported. Hernandez announced last Friday she would reduce her department’s cooperation with federal officials when they request an inmate be deported.

“This is completely outrageous,” Abbott said. “She would give sanctuary to people in the United States illegally who have been convicted of crimes in the past … and she would not cooperate with ICE whatsoever.”

Abbott already threatened to cut off around $2 million in state funding to Hernandez’s office if she doesn’t comply with the federal mandate.

Actions against sanctuary cities is mounting as President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday. That order threatens to cut off federal grant money for sanctuary cities and states.

A sanctuary city is a broadly used term to describe any jurisdiction that refuses to enforce federal immigration laws.

Watch Abbott here:

Abbott and his Austin allies are in for a fight, and how far they will go to win is debatable.

While Abbott can’t personally remove a local official, the governor hopes to work with lawmakers in Austin who have filed multiple bills that would punish local governments for not arresting or detaining immigrants living in the country illegally.

Last November, Texas state Sen. Charles Perry filed SB 4 which would eliminate sanctuary cities in the state and was similar to one he filed during the 2015 session that would have required county jails to cooperate with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Texas governor is on the right track to reeling in rogue cities and elected officials. These rogues, despite being charged by their public office to uphold the law, willingly disobey the law to forward their personal convictions.

Lawlessness in the US must be brought to an end. If citizens must obey the law, then elected officials and public entities must enforce the laws on everyone, especially people in the country illegally.

If the laws are purposely not upheld, that should constitute a crime. Arrest the criminals, jail them and prosecute them. Fine them until the financial pain is unbearable.

Lawmakers will find out quickly that these conscientious lawbreakers aren’t so keen to financial pain or job loss and will stop offering sanctuary to criminal illegal aliens

Source: Fox News

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