GOP Rep Just Proposed Bill That Has The World PISSED…Americans Are LOVING This!

The United States has played the part of whipping dog far too long in world affairs.

Who the hell do these other countries think they are trying to overrun the US and its allies?

The rest of the world needs to understand that the PEOPLE of the US sent forth a mandate by electing President Donald Trump. Half the country may disagree with his policies, but the majority in this country want to be free from global influences and dictates.

The movement of the people has spread to lawmakers who are proposing a bill to cut off the United Nations and boot the whole scheming lot of them right US soil. Is it too reactionary? Read how Hot Air sees it:

Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers introduced a bill which would remove the United States from the United Nations within two years and evict the assembly from Turtle Bay. The original draft was actually submitted several weeks ago and it now sits in committee.

The details were presented by a local NBC outlet:

The proposed “American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017” is sponsored by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL). It was introduced in the House on Jan. 3 and referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, according to the Congress website.

The bill proposes that the United States terminate its membership in the UN, that the UN removes its headquarters from the US, and that the US stops participating in the World Health Organization.

How far Trump’s administration should push against the UN is an ongoing debate.

The abuses committed by UN peacekeeping forces, including rape, forced prostitution of children and profiteering, are both legendary and nefarious. Even when they’re doing well intentioned work, such as in Haiti, their unique brand of incompetence leads to problems such as epidemics of cholera.

And perhaps the biggest complaint among many conservatives is the UN’s treatment of Israel, a country which stands almost alone against most of the assembly which sides with the Palestinians exclusively.

United Nations

Hindsight may provide a path going forward.

But if we get up and walk away, the remaining members are free to pass all manner of resolutions and sanctions against the Jewish state and Israel’s remaining friends would be few and less powerful. The United Nations actually can influence world events, particularly on trade and economic matters, if not militarily.

Kicking the organization out of New York (and the entire country for that matter) might provide a sense of satisfaction, but it could cause bigger problems further down the road. They probably still need us (particularly our money and military) at least as much as we “need” them, so a better deal might be possible.

Bailing on the UN and kicking the scum out of the US may not be the best tactic, but US leaders damn well better punch UN hierarchy and member countries right in the mouth.

The UN needs to make sure it does not control the US, and we will now bow to its globalist demands.

Work on immediate reform, and if that doesn’t work cut off all funds.

Adjust sanctions accordingly from that point.

Source: Hot Air

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